Floor Plans
Commercial Floor Plan Example
Why use a Floor Plan?
Floor plans have become an essential marketing tool in selling or letting a property, be it commercial or residential. They are now seen as a must when marketing a property throughout the UK, and have become the most important marketing resource available to agents, and the most useful for potential buyers.
A floor plan gives a potential buyer, tenant or investor a greater feel for a property, and helps them assess if the property is right for them before any viewing. They can also be used to market new developments, which enables an agent or developer to promote a new build development or a conversion.
Mlp floor plans show the 2D or 3D layout of a property, highlighting the different room types, room sizes, bathroom and kitchen facilities, external areas and an accurate square ft/m or Gross Internal Area (GIA). We can also provide a Net Internal Area (NIA) for Commercial Floor Plans.

Residential Floor Plans
Residential floor plans are primarily used for marketing properties for sale or lease and valuation purposes.

An accurate square footage of a property is a must in today's market, with both agents and potential buyers insisting on an accurate floor plan. 

Agents use floor plans for both printed  and online based marketing brochures, for both sales and lettings.

Developers use floor plans to help market new developments and help to sell properties 'off plan'.

Landlords use the plans to help manage their portfolio and lease their property.

3D plans are also becoming more poular, especially for 'high end' properties and new development marketing campaigns.

Residential floor plans include the following details:

  • All external and internal walls, windows and doors
  • All kitchen and bathroom utilities
  • Any staircases, steps & ramps
  • Storage space & basements
  • Sky lights, fixed units/storage
  • Location of meters/electrics
  • Restricted head height below 1.5m highlighted
  • Eaves storage/loft space
  • Furniture (if requested)
  • Any demised external buildings (garage, shed, W.C.)
  • Gardens, paths and off-street parking
  • An accurate Gross Internal Area square footage (GIA)
  • If requested, a Gross External Area (GEA) of the external areas
  • A north point
  • Room names & dimensions
  • Floor levels shown and entrance arrow
  • Any fire exits/stairs
  • Ceiling heights (if requested)
  • Scale & scale bar (if required)
Residential Floor Plan Example
Residential Floor Plan Example
Commercial Floor Plans
Commercial floor plans are used for a variety of reasons within the UK commercial property industry.

Estate agents, developers, landlords, housing associations, valuers, solicitors, architects and space planners are just some of the property professionals who use our floor plans.

Floor plans have become a valuable tool in the commercial property industry, they are used daily for sale & lease purposes, legal doc's (see  lease plans ), valuation and rates calculations, renovation and building works, property design, property management, planning and area calculation.

Commercial floor plans include the following details:

  • All external and internal walls, windows and doors
  • Kitchen /water utilities and bathroom utilities
  • Any staircases, steps, escalators & ramps/disabled access points
  • Storage space & basements
  • Fixed fittings/units
  • Location of meters/electrics
  • Communal areas highlighted
  • Shared access/exit ways highlighted
  • Any demised parking
  • Fixed columns/pillars
  • Any demised external buildings (garage, storage, plant room etc)
  • External areas, paths and off-street parking
  • An accurate Gross Internal Area square footage (GIA)
  • An accurate Net Internal Area square footage (if requested)
  • If requested, a Gross External Area (GEA) of the external areas
  • A north point
  • Room names & dimensions
  • Floor levels shown and entrance arrow
  • Any fire exits/stairwells and exit routes shown
  • Ceiling heights (if requested)
  • Scale & scale bar
  • Heating/cooling & ventilation system details (if requested)
  • Fire Safety equipment (if requested)
Commercial Bank Floor Plan Example
Shop Layout Floor Plan
Industrial Floor Plan Example
Commercial floor plans can be used for: 

  • Marketing the sale or lease of a property, either in a printed brochure or via online marketing
  • Management plans for property landlords and portolio managers
  • Lease plans for lease documents
  • Business rates calculations and zoning
  • Net Internal Area (NIA) measurement calculations
  • Space & office planning
  • Shop layout plans
  • Interior design and architects plans
  • Building works and refurbishment
  • ​Planning submission & applications
  • Fire safety/exit plans for hotels, schools, restaurants and other public buildings
  • Residential care home layout plans
  • Council and Local Government building plans
  • Housing Association estate & block plans
  • Off plan sales of new developments and conversions
  • Valuation of both sales and rental prices
  • Lease enfranchisement
  • HMO applications and management
  • Licensing applications
  • Exhibition layouts and flow plans
  • Factory work flow and people flow plans
  • Drainage and utility services/piping plans
Our plans are drawn in adherence to the Royal Institute Charted Surveyors (RICS) Code of Measuring Practice.

All of our plans can be tailored to our clients specific needs, this may include coloured rooms/walls, furniture added, detailed garden and external area plans.

​​Please see our portfolio for more examples of our floor plans or get in touch today for further informatin or a quote.