Space Planning & Shop Layout Plans
Whether a business is moving into a new office or refurbishing their current working space or shop layout, or a new home owner is planning the layout for their new pad, it is important to plan and make the best use of the avaliable space.

Making the best use of both the available square footage and floor area can save a business money and offer a better working or living environment.

Business owners and office managers use space plans to create the most practical, ergonomic and money saving layouts for their offices. It has been proven that a well planned and ergonomically designed work space helps improve both output and atmosphere. 

When an office is planned properly, it offers employees a comfortable and practical working environment and at the same time it offers business owners and management the most efficient use of their space, maximising productivity and overall saving them money.

Home owners often use space plans to plan the layout of their new or refurbished property. Be it the fixtures and fittings, furniture layouts or even the cabling requirements for their electrical equipment.

Combined with internal elevations, a space plan provides interior designers and fitters with all the information they require to plan and create their perfect living or working environment.
Office Space Planning Example
Mlp can provide two types of space plan, these are:

  1. Work Space Plan: 
        Mlp work space plans provide an accurate design and layout of
        your office or work area. Our plans are accurately measured
        and scaled and can be provided with or without furniture being

        Our plans can show any or all of the following features:

  •  Fixtures and fittings
  •  Lighting
  •  Glazing
  •  Air conditioning units
  •  Radiators & heating units
  •  Electrical points
  •  Communication points (phone/email)
  •  Floor plates
  •  Partitions
  •  Fire safety & exit points
  •  Kitchens
  •  Toilet & bathroom areas
  •  Furniture (If required)
    2. Home Space Plan
         Our home space plans can be used either by the property
         owners, or third party companies such as interior designers,
         builders, carpet fitters and technology/cabling fitters. 

         Like our work space plans, our home space plans are measured
         and drawn to scale, they show all the fixtures and fittings of a
         property, as well as any or all of the following details:

  •  Electrical points
  •  Communication points
  •  Air con units & ceiling fans
  •  Radiators, electric/gas fires and heating units
  •  Lighting
  •  Kitchen & bathroom fittings
  •  Sky lights
  •  Storage areas
  •  Restricted height areas
  •  Ceiling heights
  •  Room measurements
  •  Furniture (If required)
All Mlp space plans can be provided in various formats, including pdf, jpeg, png, dwg & dxf and can be fully imported into and edited on CAD software if required.

Please contact us today if you require a quote, or if you have any questions about our Space Planning services.
Shop Layout Plan Example
Shop Layout Plan Example